La signora De Winter (Record no. 2651)

000 -Record Label
fixed length control field 00587nam0a2200205 i 4500
005 - Version Identifier
control field 20140404191727.0
010 ## - International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
Number (ISBN) 8804375116
100 ## - General Processing Data
General Processing Data 19931028d1993----||||0itay50------ba
200 1# - Title and Statement of Responsibility
Title Proper La signora De Winter
First Statement of Responsibility Susan Hill
Subsequent Statement of Responsibility traduzione di Roberta Rambelli
210 ## - Publication, Distribution, etc.
Place of Publication, Distribution, etc. Milano
Name of Publisher, Distributor, etc. A. Mondadori
Data of Publication, Distribution, etc. 1993
215 ## - Physical Description
Specific Material Designation and Extent of Item 341 p.
Dimensions 23 cm
410 #1 - Series
Author Omnibus
454 #1 - Translation of
Author Mrs. De Winter
-- Hill
Authority Record Number ITICCURAVV085236
676 ## - Dewey Decimal Classification
Number 823.914
Edition 19
700 #1 - Personal Name - Primary Intellectual Responsibility
Entry Element Hill,
Part of Name Other than Entry Element Susan
Authority Code Number RAVV085236
Relator Code 070
702 #1 - Personal Name - Secondary Intellectual Responsibility
Entry Element Rambelli,
Part of Name Other than Entry Element Roberta
Authority Code Number CFIV007617
Relator Code 070
801 #3 - Originating Source
Country IT
Agency ICCU
Date of Transaction 20060715
Koha item type Libro
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